Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I, SO, miss Becky/Decolady...

I miss her posts whether on the boards or on her blog! I'm sure I'm not the only one as so many of us came to know her over the years...whether through the food boards, dish boards or live as a friend or family member.

Becky was a trooper! She shared so much of herself with all of us! Damnit, Girl, I miss you!

As I prepared dinner, I used some of my version of Marcella's Amazing Tomato Sauce with some Linguine, Sauteed a Chicken Breast with Penzey's Greek seasoning in Plugra and sauteed some spinach with Plugra/salt/pepper. Delish!

Thinking of you, I ate it on my Homer Laughlin Gothic plate! ;)

Thank you, Becky, for passing through my life! I will always cherish your friendship!

Love ya!