Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Upside Down Pizza

My children loved this growing up and many of their friends also enjoyed it when visiting at our home. One of the "foodie" groups that I belong to names a different ingredient or type of food each week...this week is pizza, so I decided to make Upside Down Pizza. When asked at Retrobics tonight, what was for dinner? I replied, and they wanted to know what time!

Recipe can be varied in many ways to suit your or your family's tastes.

Preparing Filling!

Upside Down Pizza

1 lb. ground chuck (seasoned with salt & pepper), browned and drained
1 onion, cut in small strips
Mixture of Sweet Bell Peppers, cut in strips ( I used red, yellow, orange)
1/2 lb. sliced mushrooms
2 cans/jars prepared Pizza sauce ( I used Dei Fratelli)
1 pkg. sliced pepperoni
2 cups shredded mozarella
2 cups baking mix (tonight, I used Bisquick's Garlic/Cheddar)
1 cup milk
1 egg, beaten
1 cup shredded Parmesan

In medium skillet, brown beef and drain, Add peppers, onions, mushrooms or other veggies of choice and saute for 5 minutes. Place in 13x9 baking dish. Top with pizza sauce. Layer pepperoni over ground beef mixture. Sprinkle with Mozzarella cheese. Mix baking mix, milk and egg. Pour over casserole. Sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese. Bake in 350 preheated oven for 35-45 minutes until top is golden. Let stand 5 minutes. Cut in squares and serve.

                                              Baking in the Oven

                                               Finished Product Resting

                                                     Time to eat!