Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Year was 1684...

The year was 1684...the ship was filled with immigrants and Puritans traveling to the "New" America...passengers
seeking a new life, a land to prosper, marry and build a life for their families. Young men filled with vigor ous
dreams...beautiful young women that captured the young men's fancy. Mothers and fathers, grandmothers
and grandfathers all ready to become a part of this new land, this "New" America.  English, Scottish,
Dutch, French and other descents could be found among the passengers.
The young Englishman, Richard had become captivated by the young vixen, Paula...there was an
attraction that he couldn't describe...sneaking glances, brief moments with one another...yet, the moment
they looked into one another's eyes, they knew. Fate had brought them together, this was meant
to be. They would risk all to be together...this was not infatuation, this was love.
The journey being long...people people do. What was it about this young woman? Something
they couldn't quite put their finger on...yet, they knew there was an oddity, a vixen spirit. Soon word
spread that she was a "witch"...Richard's family was devastated when they heard this...they wanted
only the best for their son. This young man that had so much ahead of him, so much to offer, any
woman would be proud to walk with him. Yet, Richard, was also a stubborn young man; he knew what
he wanted and knew this young vixen spirit would be was meant to be. The captivating look she
gave him each time they met...the light sparkling in her eyes, the golden hues of her hair...Richard
was enthralled...she "must" be his!!! Stories continued to spread among the passengers, what could
they do? what should they do? Can the Captain isolate this woman to protect the other passengers?
Something has to be done. A "Witch" ...something had to be done!!!Richard had already made up his mind,
he knew his heart...he approached the Captain of his intent.
Late that night, Richard stopped by Paula's cabin and told her of the animosity stirring among the
ship's passengers. She was frightened that so many had learned her secret...surely they would seal
her fate and death would come. Richard took her into his arms, declaring his love...his protection. "You
will be safe, my Angel, you will never have to worry...I will always love and protect you."
Their lips met and sealed their future...revealing that hidden love, those hidden desires, an inkling
of what was to come. They scurried to the Captain's quarters, declaring their love and intent to
marry. The Full Moon and array of Twinkling Stars set the stage for their ceremony...on the deck
of the ship that night, the Captain performed the ceremony. Richard and Paula exchanged their
vows, becoming one...ready to continue this venture to the "New" America  as husband and wife,
The next morning, the news traveled fast...the young Englishman, Richard, had taken the young vixen,
Paula,  to be his wife. His reputation, education, and worldly stature brought an abrupt end to the stories that had
surfaced regarding Paula. Surely this astute young man would not marry a witch, he was a man of
wealthy stature, education and highly admired by the majority of the passengers.  Days of sailing
passed...some still questioned the reasoning behind  Richard's decision ...yet, Richard and Paula knew...
fate had brought them together...each day brought new awakenings of their love. They were filled with
love, passion...this was what they both wanted, a love that was expressed with no remorse,
given freely and fully to one another. Nothing would match the passion they shared. They were meant
to be, this was a match made in Heaven.
Soon, they would be arriving in this "New" America...Richard and Paula anticipated a "new" chance
for happiness in this "New" America. Richard would become a great businessman...they
wanted for nothing monetarily. There was nothing lacking in their fairy tale life of romance.
His knowledge and expertise preceded him and they became one of the first affluent couples in
"New" America...they wanted for nothing. Their love, their passion, his business ethics gave them
the life many only dreamed about.
But, alas, sometimes dreams are short lived...Richard and Paula lived a full life...a successful life.
Unfortunately, Paula became ill...this magical love, fairy tale romance would only last for a short
time...yet each day overflowed with love and passion that few people ever know or realize. That
cold December morning, Richard came home from the office and found Paula snuggled under the
covers. He crawled in the bed beside her, taking her in his arms. "You're safe, My Love...just rest your head
upon my shoulder" ...Paula snuggled into his embrace, feeling the warmth and safety of his love.
Her breathing became shallow, although she was warmed by his love...she found herself struggling
for breath. She snuggled against him, felt his breath on her, his kiss that confirmed his love. Breathing
became more difficult, more shallow. "Richard", she whispered faintly, " we have shared something
many will never know in their lifetime; we have known love, we have known passion...we have been
truly loved" she whispered as she took her last dying breaths...
Richard's heart was breaking..."Don't leave me, My Angel Baby" ...."Don't leave me!"
Paula's eyes were growing weak, her breath more shallow...her last look was directly into Richard's all-knowing look..."YOU are my love, YOU are my life, I will never forsake you, nor leave
you. As eternity goes on, we will meet again, My Love...we will continue our love...we will know love
when we are old, we will recognize one another and Know...this is only a continuance of our love...
and once again, I will be your wife in another lifetime..."

Centuries of time passed...1950 & 1951 brings the birth of babies in different parts of America. A baby boy
named Richard comes into this another part of the country a baby named Paula is born.
Their lives are blessed through the years, each of them marries...have children and go about their lives.

2001 brings sadness to both...each of them losing their respective spouse.
Richard continues with his work, he is highly respected in his profession. Children are grown and
moved away and he knows there is a part of life missing...he wants to know love and share his life with
another. Paula, who now lives in North Alabama also goes on with her life...she continues writing and
works as a chef (fulfilling her passion of cooking). Children are grown and moved away, yet, there is a
void; although she is a basically happy person...she needs more...desires more. Having known love,
she wants to fill that void and know love again...share her days and nights with another.

2008, Richard has seen a few women in the past several years...but nothing has "clicked"...he knows
what he wants in life. Paula also has seen a few men...again, nothing has "clicked". Fate is guiding
both of them, although they are unaware of what will be. Computer age opens a new chapter in
their lives. Richard comes across a profile on a dating site...e-mails a note to Paula asking would she
like to meet. Paula responds and they talk several times...making plans to meet.
2009, a couple meets...Richard and Paula "know" this is what they have been searching for...numerous
happenings and obstacles come into the picture; yet, they "know". Time has brought them to this
place, this meeting...and opportunity to renew their love, their passion, their lives.
"Years have passed, Sweetie...but once again, we have been given this opportunity to love and be
loved...a continuance of our love. We won't let this opportunity escape us, I love you, Richard."
"I know, Angel Baby, this is our second chance...we have known this love in another lifetime. Come here,
My Angel, let me hold you...You are safe, You are loved...I love you, Paula."