Friday, July 1, 2011

Being Me...

by Paula June 2011

the past few years, I have learned who I want to be...I just want to be me...loved for the woman that I have become and the choices that "I" have made.
Some of them turned out to actually be stumbling blocks in becoming "me". Others have brought much happiness and fulfillment...allowing me to be me and loved for who I am, not having to change for anyone but expressing myself for who I am...and accepting him for who he open, honest relationship that allows us to be ourselves.
I can even say, "NO. I disagree! or NO, I don't want to do that!" Not deceitful, neither of us a "user", choosing to initiate our relationship, nurture it, and move on into a future with one another.
There's something to be said for making our "own" choices and not allowing others to manipulate us or our a wise person once said, "To Thine Own Self Be True!"
In the past, I have known others trying to manipulate my relationships, a relationship entered too quickly in time of grief... and only found those ending in what others wanted, not myself.
Found myself looking for a way out, because of various reasons...deception, manipulation by others, too heavy a load weighing on my mind.
So, meet, the real "me", the woman that is content, moving forward in a relationship that is the result of "my", "our" choices, NOT others!

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