Friday, July 29, 2011

Decolady, I Wish For You...


I Wish for You...
Moments of Peace, Serenity, and Commitment;
Filling the depths of your Heart & Soul.
I Wish for You,
Days of Health, Wealth, and Happiness;
Growing daily as you travel life's Pathway.
I Wish for You,
Years of Life, Love and Laughter;
Seeking the Pathway to make you Whole.
I Wish for You,
A lifetime of Giving, Receiving and Knowing
Blessings overflowing at completion of each day.
Paula George 2003

1 comment:

  1. Little did I know as I was posting this that Becky (Decolady) was making her journey to the other side...God's Speed, My Friend! You will be SO missed. I want to thank you for all the beautiful memories you left us with your recipes, blogging, friendship and love of your family! Love ya! Mecookin