Monday, July 11, 2011

Pre Birthday weekend!

Thoroughly enjoyed my pre-birthday weekend with Rick!

It started with a lovely birthday card with some $$$ in it! :)

Saturday night we went to Dale's Restaurant!

We ordered the El Dropo ( 16 oz. tenderloin cooked medium) that we split with additional sides.

Baked potato for Rick.

Broccoli for me. We both had salads with their house made Bleu Cheese Dressing and I had the French Onion Soup.

Birthday Dessert of an Apple Turnover with Vanilla Ice Cream & a delicious butterscotch sauce.
Rick was disappointed as they used to bring the dessert out with sparklers in it, current owners decided that was harmful to the carpet! :(


  1. BTW, I did get my cooking fix in this weekend! Saturday night, I made 3 loaves of banana nut bread and Sunday...grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken, made Potato Salad, Summer Garden Pasta, Fried Okra and Cream Style Corn. YUM!

  2. Happy Birthday Paula!

    Your dinner looked scrumptious too