Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sweet Potato Biscuits

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Leftovers were on the menu tonight & I had a baked sweet potato in the fridge so decided to make Sweet Potato Biscuits to go with our leftovers from Easter.

Sweet Potato Biscuits
Paula Smith
2 cups self-rising flour
1/4 cup Splenda
6 Tbsp. Butter cubed
1 cup mashed sweet potato
1/2 cup half & half

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly grease a baking sheet. 
In mixing bowl, combine flour & Splenda. Cut in butter until combined.
Mix sweet potato with half & half. Stir into flour mixture to form a soft
Dough. Turn onto lightly floured surface and knead 5-6 times, pat into 
1/2 inch thick circle. Cut with 2" biscuit cutter. Place 1" apart on baking sheet. 
Bake 15 minutes. 
Serve warm, also great with a slice of ham and scrambled egg for a mini 
Breakfast sandwich.


  1. These sound delicious, I've never made Sweet Potato Biscuits.


  2. This was actually my first time, original recipe that I had seen called for shortening & butter...I thought all butter would be better with the sweet potato. They are tasty, hope you try them. Hope all is well!